Quickly, to start catching up

I’ve been sitting on many of the things I should have put in this blog while I was finding a name for it & then setting it up, so here’s a jumble of things I jotted down on a notebook.

* The otherwise lovely aluminium unibody heats up, which I knew from my friend John. What I didn’t know / foresee, though, is how sharp the inner edge is. I find that resting my wrists as I type kind of hurts because it digs too sharply in. :(

* I struggle with the keyboard a bit. I love that the @ is right there next to the 1/&, available without the need to press Shift, but I always forget where the – and _ are (on the same key, end of the numbers row right before the backspace key), and I desperately miss the backslash and the pipe. Thankfully, I’ve been given some cheat codes. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite memorized them yet.

* Installed and in use, so far:

  1. VLC
  2. Twitter (official app, from the Mac store)
  3. IStatPro (dashboard widget/app)
  4. Skitch
  5. Adium
  6. Xmarks for Safari (it’s an app and not a plugin, hence why I’m listing it)
  7. Firefox

* Installed but not used yet:

  1. Audacity
  2. Skype
  3. Chrome
  4. F.Lux

* Downloaded but not installed yet:

  1. Tinkertool
  2. Handbrake
  3. Transmission
  4. Evernote

I intended to add links to all those when I started this entry but I’m in a rush to get more podfic editing done, so that will be for later (if ever).

The big step forward in terms of “feeling at home” for today is that I have installed Firefox and the necessary minimum extensions (for the record: Xmarks to immediately sync my bookmarks; Adblock Plus; TabMixPlus, Session Manager; and Read It Later). I’m sure I could tame Safari properly and come to like it, and perhaps someday I will. But since (several) friends have validated Firefox use, I feel content with my choice.

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