8GB or 16GB?

So one of the things I thought I might do now that I have some money coming to me – crossing fingers that I’m getting actually paid really soon? – is buy more RAM for my MacBook Pro.

I looked things up, knowing that it’s much, MUCH cheaper to buy third-party memory and put it in yourself, and it seems that one of the best options is to order from Crucial (there’s a UK webstore for Europe).

To avoid people making mistakes, Crucial even offers a downloadable tool you can run, which will tell you what kind of RAM you need and how much you can put in.

Oddly though, despite both Crucial estimating that I this beast can go up til 16GB (see here), and this other vendor through Amazon listing my model as compatible (see there) for their 2x8GB kit too, Apple itself, on this page I found when looking up memory upgrades, there, clearly states that my model – MacBook Pro (13-inch, Early 2011) – can only take a 2×4 = 8GB RAM maximum.

So… I don’t know what to do. Any idea?

ETA: Ohoh, Toby <3 link me to this – apparently Apple lies about a few models, for reasons, and my MBP should take 16GB. HOMG BYE BYE BEACHBALL?

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