So earlier today I was reading about Dropbox’s decision to retire the Public folder for all accounts created after July 31st, pursuant to their new Sharing Ways that allow any file anywhere to become “public”, and the apparition of fucking landing pages where a direct link used to be (I am pissed off, if that wasn’t showing).

From there I was reminded of the existence of Scriptogr.am, a thingum wot allows you to create a hosted blog by simply writing posts in Markdown that you push to a specific folder in your Dropbox.

Remembering that IFTTT now has the ability to create text files in Dropbox and, more importantly, *append* text to text files in Dropbox, I suddenly imagined that I would be able to publish a recs page / blog-y thing by having every new Pinboard bookmark with a certain tag to be appended to a .md text file in the relevant Scriptogram folder of my Dropbox.

3 hours later, and I have discovered

* that it seems a secret Pinboard tag (with a dot as first character) somehow fails to trigger this action (though I know for a fact that a friend uses a secret tag as trigger in a task of hers, wtf)
* that IFTTT doesn’t think case is relevant in filenames (???)
* that IFTTT doesn’t recognize a text file if it’s not sporting a .txt extension
* subsequently, that my plan cannot work

I think it’s time I went to bed.

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