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Boomerang, podcasts, & links.

So I’ve started using Mailplane. So far, so good. I really like that it allows me to double click to log in and out of MANY gmail accounts, not just 3 as with Google’s easy-account switching solution. I will probably be faster with it when I learn to use kb shortcuts more (but then I have failed to learn using them in gmail all along, too, so nobody hold their breath).

Then while watching the demo videos for it, I stumbled onto Boomerang, a gmail plugin (pre-existing Mailplane, and compatible with it) that allows you to bounce things out of your inbox temporarily and have them come back at you (boomerang) at a later date. It also does a few other things, all great/handy. (There are also things you can do with apps script to snooze an email in gmail, apparently.)


I suspect I am the wrong person to use this, since I will probably send EVERYTHING boomeranging across the ether, like I tend to send everything to Read It Later (and only read a very tiny fraction of the things, later). But nevertheless I am ENCHANTED to have found this and thought others might be interested in it too.

By the way, here’s a link to the MacPowerUsers podcast I’m listening to at the moment (I started with the first Merlin Mann Workflow episode because that’s how I heard about them, but I downloaded many of the past episodes), and here’s the Back to Work podcast where Merlin officiates weekly. The show notes for many past episodes (of both podcasts) are teeming with good links, whether you choose to listen or not. They make interesting lists to peruse.

What else? More apps-related things, with links / thoughts.

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Today’s adventures

I spent part of the afternoon moving / re-plugging the very old desktop PC that serves as a “guest” machine, and which was lying around in pieces after I moved it off to appropriate its ex-location for my new standing desk.

It’s a very, very slow machine running XP (family/home edition). I have this project of making it run a lightweight Linux version sometime in the future, but not until I’m sure I can run the &$@#!*@#% printer/scanner from MY desktop PC.

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Quickly, to start catching up

I’ve been sitting on many of the things I should have put in this blog while I was finding a name for it & then setting it up, so here’s a jumble of things I jotted down on a notebook.

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Setting up house

So, here we are.

It’s been exactly one week since the day of The Unboxing of my shiny Macbook Pro, which was the amazingly generous surprise birthday gift from a bunch of family and friends. The machine now has a name (Ariadne – yes, I’m in an Inception-fandom phase), two user profiles (one with admin privileges and one without), a desktop wallpaper,  and some new software installed.

I still don’t really have a handle on it, though, and particularly, I’m still not operational for editing/publishing text, editing/indexing pictures, password management & other logistical issues, and even, to my great dismay, browsing.

This might be because I’ve made the mistake of trying to start anew completely, from scratch, and have thus scorned a Firefox installation (I’m a long time Firefox user, the sort with many favorite extensions) in favor of a clean start with Safari.

I’m starting to realize that Safari, and my inefficience at it, is driving me bonkers. So that might change soon.

Soon to come to a post near you: lists of problems encoutered, flaily questions I asked Twitter, soft I downloaded but I’m not sure I want to install, soft I installed but I’m not sure I want to keep, and deep existential writhing about the necessity (or lack thereof) of installing Quicksilver.

But first, let me see how this plugin handles the crossposting to Dreamwith. :)